About Us

Geosteering specializes in the design and manufacture of Gamma Detector Systems.

18 years ago Frederick Energy Products(FEP)/Geosteering Mining Services(GMS) developed and patented the most rugged gamma detector systems available and have manufactured and refurbished thousands of detectors for the oil and gas industry.

Geosteering was formed to adapt the FEP gamma detector technology from oil and gas drilling for use in solid mineral mining applications.

GMS has been dedicated to providing high quality products to its customers. By developing partnerships within the mining community, GMS has been able to develop new products to adapt to the changing needs within the industry.

• Frederick Energy Products (1995) , Geosteering Mining Services ( 2001) and Frederick Mining Controls (2004) were founded by Larry Frederick. All three companies are located in Huntsville, AL.

• Mr. Frederick's background includes Chief Engineer, Program Manager for Space Payloads, Department Manager, and System Engineering Manager. He also led a team of Safety and System Engineers that performed safety evaluations for Shuttle Payloads. Part of his early experiences included being a member of the test team that static fired the first Saturn Moon Rockets, plus he led major mission studies for space programs and functioned as a NASA spokesman.