• With the cutter head of the continuous miner deep within a highwall entry, often conditions are poor and the operator has very limited visibility.
    • The operator experiences increase in out-of-seam materials being mined.
    • In some cases the operator must leave a set depth of coal at the roof.


  • In Highwall mining the Geosteering gamma detector uses gamma radiation from rock to measure coal thickness in front of the machine as the cutter moves toward the rock interface. The system allows the operator to know when the cutter head is reaching the interface in time for the operator stop the cutter before entering rock.
  • For the case of the operator being required to leave a set depth of coal at the roof, an optional rock detector for the roof is available.

The Geosteering gamma system was proven extremely effective and seams were mined that were otherwise not mineable.

COAL INTERNATIONAL "Gamma Guidance Enhances Highwalling"